About Us


Ink-On-White’s principal business is to help you learn English on both basic and intermediate levels.

No one likes the feeling that comes with not being able to find exactly what they are looking for on the web. One of the ways that I therefore intend to help you on your journey to learn or improve your English is to try and tackle grammar related questions that often seem to go unanswered or undocumented.

I hope to be instrumental to you (or your business) as I publish simple, relatable reads on varied English grammar subjects. This could equip you and help you move steps further in one area of your life or another.

                        What Else?

While we are at giving you some English grammar tips and clips, we thought we would also write about topics based on life, traveling and leisure.

Yes, we know people often get the advice to select a specific niche and stick to it, but if one would like to share their knowledge and experiences on varied subjects to bring value to another, we say: “Why not!?”

You can expect a tactful lot more than English grammar related articles on here.